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Take a Florida Staycation This Summer

There’s a beloved Floridian adage that reads “a bad day in Florida is better than a good day anywhere else.” Like any locale, Florida does have its share of less than stellar days. But most Florida residents can still identify with this sentiment. There are worse things to enjoy than skies that are sunnier and days that are clearer than almost anywhere else on the planet. 

Despite Florida’s rave reviews from its own residents, vacationing in your home state doesn’t always sound like a dream come true. Adventuring in places you may have already been, or places that look and feel something like your own home, just doesn’t hold the same appeal as stepping onto new soil. But it should. 

Florida has an incredibly unique and scenic coast line, from Miami Beach to Key West, South Beach to Key Biscayne. Each destination offers a fresh vantage point over the Atlantic Ocean, and with it a special take on life in Florida. Though you may live in the Sunshine State, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve seen it all. Take a peek at five more reasons why your next weekend getaway should be a Florida staycation.

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Experience Florida With Fresh Eyes

No matter how long you’ve lived in Florida, we promise that you still haven’t seen it all. Most residents don’t adventure like tourists, so you likely haven’t seen all the bright and shiny attractions that make Florida such a sought after destination. A Florida staycation is all the excuse you need to do just that.
Check your resident pride at the door and freely explore. Hit the scenic public beaches and discover along with them gems like historic downtown Hollywood and the meandering Broadwalk. Frequent new open spaces and the food trucks that park there. Rent a jet ski and spend time out on the water because its a vacation and you deserve it. If you let Florida be your playground instead of your hometown, you’ll begin to see your state in a whole new light.

It’s (relatively) Tourist Free

Florida’s high season stretches from mid-December to mid-April. Florida residents know this well. After all, these are the months when expanses of beach and chunks of town are all but off limits. During the summer, though, the crowds subside and the typical no-go zones are once again fair game.

Revel in it with a perfectly timed Florida staycation. Stretch out on a brand new piece of beach. Stroll down somewhat vacant sidewalks. Get familiar with a new part of your home state in a season when the most popular traps are a little less touristy. The other upside to staycationing during slow season? You’ll also take advantage of exclusive residents only rates you just can’t beat.

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You Can Indulge in a Resort

Those special rates can also help you staycation in true resort style. Not only will you save on air travel, you’ll also be able to score unbeatable residents-only offers, meaning you won’t have to cut corners when it comes to your accommodations. Though you might otherwise settle for any hotel in a half-decent location, on staycation there’s no reason not to stay right on the beach. 

Beyond the beach, think a private balcony, pristine swimming pools, luxurious guest rooms, and the myriad other amenities a resort offers that you won’t find in your average accommodations. Most resorts also have on-site dining options ranging from upscale restaurants to casual pool bars so you can toast to your Florida staycation in style.

Relax, Because You Know Your Way Around

When you travel around the world, across the country, or even to the state next door, most days are a race to see how much life you can fit into your every moment. And for good reason. No one travels far and wide just to encounter the inside of an unfamiliar hotel room. Though adventure and exploration have their time and place, sometimes go go go isn’t the vacation you need.

Sometimes, the vacation you need encourages you to slow down. To squeeze every drop of life out of every moment, not by seeing and doing more but by paying attention to the little things just waiting to be seen. On staycation, kick back on the beach and marvel at the sun glancing off the waves, at the resemblance of your legs to hot dogs in the requisite toes-in-the-sand photo, at the unbridled smiles spread across your companions’ faces. These are the moments that make staycations so compelling.

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