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3 Advantages of Sunny Isles Beach Vacation Rentals

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent a weekend at the beach but wished you could’ve stayed longer. Are you raising your hand yet? Though it’s true that most of us can only step away from our desks for a day or two at a time, it’s also true that some getaways deserve more than a long weekend. In Sunny Isles Beach, vacation rentals are an important part of that getaway. 

From views of the Intracoastal Waterway to Sunny Isles Beach itself, you won’t find better accommodations for your summer getaway than a vacation rental. Imagine a great location, the service of a hotel, and the comforts of home, all wrapped up in an oceanfront escape. But those aren’t the only reasons you’ll want to experience vacation rentals in Sunny Isles this summer. 

mom and son laying on bed looking at ipad

You'll Spend More Time There

Otherwise spacious hotel rooms can feel cramped after more than a few days. With family and friends, you can only spend so much time in a single room, and sometimes being close to the beach isn’t enough to outweigh that absence of personal space. Vacation rentals don’t have that problem. 

Vacation rentals are actually designed for longer stays. Many rentals can be as expansive as an apartment, though others are even bigger still. While you’ll likely spend the bulk of your getaway outside of your hotel room, a vacation rental allows you ample space when you are craving a night in.

kitchen and living room

You'll Love the In-Room Amenities

Vacation rentals aren’t all square footage and furnishings--though most are fairly well outfitted. The other unsung hero of vacation rentals is the in-room amenities that many standard hotel rooms lack. Eating every meal out or ending every day scrubbing your underwear in the sink is a one-way trip to vacation fatigue. But not in a vacation rental. 

Instead, you can prepare a meal or throw in a load of laundry just like you would at home. Is that the stuff of summer vacation dreams? Probably not, but it is exactly what you’ll need to extend your vacation that extra week. 

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You'll Enjoy Signature Hotel Services

Never underestimate the power of luxuries like room service and cable TV with HBO. A longer vacation may call for necessary evils like laundry, but that’s nothing the many other services can’t soothe. You’ll experience the best of both worlds in a vacation rental. 

Order restaurant-quality food right to your room. Enjoy the sparkling pool and accompanying Pool & Beach Bar. Sink your toes into the softest sand in South Florida. And all of this from accommodations that’ll feel just enough like home to entice you to extend your stay.

Did you raise your hand when asked if you’d ever spent a weekend at the beach but wished you could’ve stayed longer? Imagine what it would feel like if you actually did. What it would feel like to sink your toes into the sand every day for as many days as you’d like. What it would feel like to return to the same inviting space every night, with all the requisite amenities and services. That’s the vacation rental experience.